About Me
My name is Lissette Lopez Pridemore and I currently  live in Minneapolis, Minnesota
 with my husband and daughter, a tuxedo cat named Mishu. 
From an early age, I had a knack for illustration and art and reluctantly, my parents gave me their blessing to pursue it. After graduation from IGAD (Institute of Art and Graphic Design) in my hometown of Guayaquil, Ecuador, I flew through a successful career in the advertising world, earning accolades for my work spanning 8 years with agencies including Saatchi and Saatchi, DDB, and Grey. 
I’ve collaborated with various national and international brands since, and have recently taken up freelance work to push myself to my creative limits. I have left my mark on brands like Adidas and Wendy’s, showcasing my digital and illustrative art internationally in Colombia and Spain, and have been awarded the honor of being one of few “Creative Heroes of Tomorrow” for my work at the Roger Hatchuel Academy at Cannes Lions. 
My goal now that I have relocated to the United States is to bring excitement and tropical flair to Minnesota, and contribute to both locally and nationally focused art.